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Succession Planning
You’ve worked hard for years and now you either want to sell or pass on to family members who are working in the business with you. We understand, there are a number of family businesses that are great and as a business owner you want to reward people who have worked with you and have the energy and commitment to move the company forward to the next generation. STC partners have specific and proven strategies to assist in minimizing your tax obligations during this process.

Not only do we take care of your financial obligations, but we partner with law firms to assist with the legal aspect of succession planning.

You may just want to sell your business, have an exit strategy that everyone talks about and have a plan for your retirement and what you need financially to be in a good place during your retirement years so you can enjoy what you’ve been working for. STC Partners, Perth Accountant understand all aspects of how buyers are wanting the financial documents to be explained and will prepare documents to assist in the selling of your business.

Whatever the option you want, STC Partners, Perth Accountant are here to help guide and put in place strategies to assist in the exit of your business. Family, Mergers and acquisitions, management buy out, simple sale are all manageable through STC partners.

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