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All companies operating in Australia are required to comply with the Corporations Law as regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Whether it is business names, directors, directors obligations, company reporting, change of directors details, resignation of directors, closing down your company, reporting and obligations under the Corporations Act, Insolvency and so forth it needs to be reported to ASIC. I can hear you sigh!

Doubtless to say, this additional administrative responsibilities will be time consuming, taking away your time from focusing on your business in Perth. Moreover, these secretarial responsibilities have high compliance risk, which is best to leave it to the professionals here at STC Partners, Perth Accountant. The responsible members at our firm are proactive in keeping your companies up to date. You may not know the technical details of how to update or what is required in the changing structure and details of your companies, such as transfer of shares. We will take the responsibility in being proactive and will always put your companies on top of it.

Our team is experienced and has been providing professional corporate secretarial services to comply with various corporate regulations. Whether your business is small or medium, we specialise in services such as assisting companies in appointment and resignation of office holders, allotment and transfer of shares, share buy-back and company deregistration. You can be sure that the documentation we provide such as company minutes and ASIC forms are complete and complied with the highest acceptable standard in corporate secretarial Perth. Basic reporting obligations of a small business owner is unfathomable and STC partners takes the worry and the hassle out of anything to do with ASIC and business reporting.

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