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Office Holders and Shareholders
To grow your business, sometimes there are necessary changes that you need to make. Whether you are not sure on where to start or would like a professional assistance from the expert for your peace of mind, we can help. Changing structure of companies such as appointment and resignation of office holders can be a daunting exercise. Numerous amount of reporting obligations need to comply with the Corporations Law of Australia.

Restructuring your company may be tedious and confusing, as there are a number of rules to meet. We are familiar with the intricacy of shares allotment and transfer of shares of companies. We will provide advice on what is the best way to restructure your company, as well as preparing documentation such as company minutes and ASIC forms for allotment and transfer of shares.

We can take the worry off you! Our Perth accountant provides quick & hassle free services in preparation and lodgement of the documents with a single phone call. Simply dial us on our number and we can discuss with you the best strategy to suit your current situation.

Our Perth accountant will prepare correct documentation for any changes in office holders an shareholders for your small to medium company in Perth. Leave the secretarial work to us and get on with your real business.

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