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As much as investment, we understand the importance of saving up for your future prosperity. After all, we all want to enjoy lives in our golden age. It could be sipping an extravagant cup of coffee under the Parisian sky with your beloved, or enjoying quality times at your holiday house with your families. No matter what it is, we want to make the best out of it and we want to be part of it (by helping you going there)! When you think your normal Super is not generating as much savings for you, managing your own Super can be more beneficial as it gives more freedom in controlling the multiplication of your investments.

What is Self Managed Superannuation Fund?
Self Managed Superannuation Fund or SMSF is a trust, established with the creation of a trust deed. It is essentially your own super fund. The trustees (you) control and managed the fund often using the professional help from an accountant and as a trustee you will be making all investment decisions in accordance with the SMSF’s investment strategy.

Why Self Managed Superannuation Fund?
An SMSF gives you more control over how you manage you own Superannuation. This is generally the significant attraction for the establishment of SMSF’s. Increasing administration cost and smaller or negative returns experienced during Global Financial Crisis by Retail or Industry super fund has also contributed to the growth of SMSF. As trustee for SMSF, you will have flexibility to invest in investment product that you actually understand whether it is shares or property or both. Another major advantage of SMSF is SMSF can offer you asset protection. It can be the safest vehicle to protect your asset from creditors. This is especially useful for anyone who own and operate their own business.

Over 1 million Australians have switched from Retail or Industry Fund to Self Managed Super Fund. It's time for you to make a wise choice.

Once you have decided to establish a SMSF, our SMSF accountant at STC Partners, Perth Accountant can provide extensive services ranging from the initial setting up of the fund, bookkeeping of the accounts with the use of BGL software, administration of SMSF to ensure compliance with rules and regulations, preparation and lodgement of the annual income tax returns, and SMSF audit service. Check out the video below to find out about the nutshell SMSF.

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