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Capital Gains Tax
Are you selling your business, property, collectables, shares, bonds, options, assets?

Do you know capital gain tax apply and that you can be taxed up to 50%?

Do you know you can minimize your tax using some fantastic strategies by STC Partners, Perth Accountant Accountants in Perth?

It is very important to talk to us first before selling your assets or properties so you don’t fall victim to paying too much capital gain tax or worse still not reporting correctly and losing whatever gain you thought was going to be there.

Do you ever wonder what is the right structure for your business, your properties, how to protect yourself and how your structure will minimize tax? Well if you’ve answered yes, you need to speak to STC Partners, Perth Accountant and get a no obligation audit on how your business or property portfolio is setup.

Just remember, the advice you get today from STC Partners, Perth Accountant, Accountants Perth, will be the best capital gain tax advice you’ll receive for your future.

Call now, you don’t want to be caught! And remember, all you need to do is ask and we’re here to help!

Whether you are facing complex tax issues or just need your tax return Perth completed quickly, our consultants are ready to assist you. Call our office today to enquire about tax advice on (08) 9362 1000 or email

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