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STP-Single Touch Payroll

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What is it and what needs to be reported?

For the purpose of reducing compliance burden for employers and individuals in transmitting information to multiple Government agencies, the Government has announced that it will improve the efficiency of data collected through Single Touch Payroll (STP) by the ATO.


The collection of data includes wages or salaries, PAYG Withholding tax and superannuation payments. This information will be transmitted to the ATO in real-time for each payrun, using the STP-compliant software.

Uber drivers, Deliveroo riders and alike, these are all you need to know.

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Since beginning last year, Uber has taken Australia by storm. The Australians have discovered a new way of earning side income in such way that is flexible with their time and needs. Earning income is easy with Uber, thus it is important for Uber drivers to understand how income from Uber is managed and taxed. From our Perth accountant experience handling Uber tax, we would like to share with you some of the important points worth noting below.

New Year Resolution 2017: How To Be More Organised This Year

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It feels like we have just entered into 2016 yesterday and now the New Year is just a few days away. How time passed by so quickly! As New Year comes, there should also be new resolutions for the better you and your businesses. A wise word from your local tax accountants, it pays to get more organised. Remember the stressful time of submitting last minute tax return Perth of yours? Yep. Let’s avoid that. There could not be any better time to get organised and start the year with a clean slate other than this.

How To Throw A Tax Savvy Christmas Party This Year

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December is an exciting month everyone has been waiting for. Not only for the families at home where there will be reunions, gathering, sharing of gifts, foods and laughters, but also for companies, as many are planning their Christmas party for their staff. However, throwing your office Christmas parties might have some business tax consequences. Thus, it is worthwhile to be savvy this year by educating yourself with what kind of parties which will attract tax and acquiring tax advice from your local tax accountants.

Bookkeeping Perth Xero Tips - SuperStream

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As you may be aware, ATO requires every employer to use SuperStream for paying their employees’ super starting from 30th June 2016. SuperStream is the new way employers must pay super. It means paying super and sending employee information electronically in a standard format. We are here to share a Bookkeeping Tips on Xero.

Tax Returns Perth - Do you have to lodge your Tax Return?

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Australian tax returns can be very complicated not only for first time lodgers. Individuals who have been residing in Australia and been lodging their returns can still find it confusing. The problem is, not everyone has the same situation. Also, Australian tax is an ever changing regime. Which means, not every year of your tax returns may be the same.

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